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Ablauf und Vorbereitung zur Hypnosesitzung
Osira Wanner

Ablauf und Vorbereitung zur Hypnosesitzung

Session schedule

First, please contact me with your request without obligation: By phone +41 77 284 98 92 or by email.

After making an appointment, the session schedule is as follows:


Here we clarify your exact concerns and envision your goals. I explain the hypnosis or appropriate method in detail and you can ask me any questions you may have. The first session can easily take between 30 and 60 minutes.


What exactly do you expect from hypnosis and my support? What should it be like?


After an introduction and in-depth study, the effective part of hypnosis or another method follows, depending on the agreement. The actual hypnosis lasts between 30-75 minutes, depending on the topic. Depending on the challenge, several hypnosis sessions are required and all of my methods can be combined well with one another, so that we get the best out of it for you, depending on your needs.


The hypnotic state is dissolved and you are relaxed, fresh and in top shape.


A short follow-up conversation because your well-being is important to me.

Jetzt gratis Infogespräch buchen
30 Min.
Für Skeptiker

For skeptics

Are you wondering whether self-hypnosis and affirmations can actually work?

Then I have a question for you: Would you stand in front of the mirror every morning and say to yourself: “I am a bad person, I deserve to feel bad and I am getting worse every day in every way?”

If your answer is "no," which I assume, then think about why you answered "no." Because you know or feel that affirmations are effective.


Now let me ask you the second question: Why don't you stand in front of the mirror every morning and say positive affirmations to yourself?

One possible answer could be: Affirmations work, but it is so laborious until they start to work. And you are certainly right, but there is good news for you:

It has been known for decades that positive affirmations, also called suggestions, can activate healing and have a positive effect on many other areas of life. One problem is that the suggestions, in a normal state of consciousness, have to be repeated very often before they have an effect. If the suggestions contradict your own underlying beliefs, they will probably never be effective.


This is where self-hypnosis comes in, because with its help you can increase the potential of your affirmations by 25 to 200 times. As a result, suggestions are not only internalized much faster, but the probability that desired suggestions will be accepted by the subconscious is increased many times over. This is because the subconscious also accepts suggestions that your conscious mind would question or reject as "unrealistic" or "dreamed".

Jetzt gratis Infogespräch buchen
30 Min.
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