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Osira N Wanner

Jetzt gratis Infogespräch buchen
30 Min.
It inspires me to unleash your potential because I have walked this path myself.

I have experienced the ups and downs of life in my search for true happiness, fulfillment and meaning. I understand how frustrating it can be to repeatedly start over and still be disappointed. It feels like fighting against an inner, sabotaging force.

My journey led me to the liberating realization that seemingly difficult obstacles can be overcome permanently through hypnosis and the power of the subconscious. Today, my goal is to support you as a holistic complementary therapist for hypnosis and craniosacral therapy in Basel and online in developing your inner potential. Together we develop solution strategies to shape your life with ease and joy.

Contact me today so we can achieve your personal goals and desires.

  • Complementary Therapist Craniosacral

  • Access Consciousness ® Bars Facilitator

  • Mica Geller, transformation magica, PSYCH-K®

  • Brunhild Hofmann, PSYCH-K®

  • IGM, Institute for Holistic Methodology, Hypnosis

  • Kinslow System, EU-Feeling, QE® Quantum Healing

  • IaK Freiburg, Forum International

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza, change from the inside out

  • Atelier Chardon Savard, Master of Fashion Design Paris

I support you

In usually just a few sessions, you can resolve your blockages, overcome your fears and gain new self-confidence, redefine goals and positively change entrenched behaviors.

These are just a few areas of application. Contact me without obligation and tell me about your needs.

  • To quit smoking

  • To increase self-confidence

  • On goal orientation

  • In realignments and decisions

  • In case of uncertainty

  • For weight loss

  • In case of anxiety (fear of flying, fear of exams, etc.)

  • To improve performance in school, sport or work

  • For phobias

  • For allergies

  • In stressful situations and inner restlessness

  • For sleep disorders

  • For deep relaxation, recovery

  • For acute or chronic pain

  • When stuttering

  • For birth preparation

  • For sexual problems

Jetzt gratis Infogespräch buchen
30 Min.
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