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Ohne Verzicht zum Wunschgewicht
Osira Wanner

Ohne Verzicht zum Wunschgewicht

Weight reduction

through hypnosis

  • Without waiver

  • With pleasure, desire, fun and relaxation to a healthy weight

  • A holistic approach, individually tailored to your needs .

  • Without yo-yo effect

  • Change your eating habits for the long term.

Have you already tried a lot to lose weight but still never been successful in the long term?

At some point, the kilos just don't go down any further, you give up or fall back into your old behavioral patterns? Are you wondering why your girlfriend can eat anything and you gain weight just by looking at a pizza?

You eat healthily but still don't lose weight? You give up a lot of things but can't keep it up for long?

Are your thoughts constantly revolving around food or do you feel guilty about what you have eaten? Are you stressed, especially in relation to how you feel about your body? If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, you have come to the right place. Weight loss through hypnosis is a holistic program that is tailored to your lifestyle as a woman based on your individual nutritional needs and accompanies you personally to a new, balanced you.

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30 Min.

As you have probably already noticed, we usually make eating decisions unconsciously. This is also the reason why most diets are unsuccessful in the long term. Limiting beliefs often control the subconscious, which prevents long-term success in losing weight. It therefore makes sense to change eating habits precisely on this unconscious level. This makes it possible to establish healthy eating and exercise habits and maintain them in the long term. All based on an individually tailored diet.


I will accompany you over 3 months to lose weight on your way to your desired weight. In 6 sessions we will break old beliefs, establish healthy eating habits and lose weight.

Sessions can be one-on-one, remote via Skype/Zoom, whatever is needed to best achieve your goal.

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